We believe we can fight climate change successfully adopting sustainable business models (SBMs).

We gather sustainable surfing brands in one place to create more impact.

For every product sold we give back what belongs to the earth by planting a tree, adopting a coral or collecting a pound of plastic from the ocean. We take action against climate change with every share of each transaction in our marketplace.

Manifesto de Equipo

We have been a family able to enjoy the sea and nature through our entire lives and we want to keep doing it. We believe this is more than just selling sustainable products, it is also about sending a united message. We certainly all agree on our love for our oceans and we want to keep them clean, healthy, and alive, as well as take care of our planet.

We have a common philosophy and mindset to make a bigger impact by following social economy and slow fashion trends, spreading the sustainable word with relevant and contrasted content, pursuing the goal of ‘giving back’ to Earth what we, as humans, have taken from it. 

Our strength and excitement results into a store for all surfing lovers, but it is rather about gathering a community that, historically, has been very committed to the sea and the planet. Stay on it, our wave fits us all!

Vision and Mission



Sustainable fashion, circular economy and direct action to reverse the critical situation of our planet.


Boost brands with the commitment and goal to transform the industry towards ‘slow fashion’ and fairtrade surf products.

garbage collection on beaches

Our path until 2030

Circular Economy

Clean funds to clean the world

Life Cycle Thinking

Positive impact supporting eco and environmentally friendly producers

Social Commitment

Helping local disadvantaged communities through NGOs

Our Measurable



Planted Trees

5 KM

Recovered Reef


CO2 KG Offset


Collected KG of Plastic

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