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One of our main pillars closing the loop is the action against the problems our planet is facing. At MarketSurf every purchase has a meaning and is counted to fund a specific action to fight climate change.

Our goal is, following our standards, to give back to the Planet what we have been selfishly taking from it. We should start, to stop overusing its natural resources and heal the damage and refund what belongs to our one and only planet.

For EVERY SINGLE PURCHASE we commit 100% to sponsor a particular and measurable action through a network of partnered NGOs, which will be directly taking care of it.



There are basic facts about climate change that we may all know, but we should also get into how, with the actions of our NGOs are going to stop these to happen, or at least reduce them.

Planting Trees: reducing global warming. By a natural effect, trees absorb CO2 harming less the atmosphere, our protective shield from solar radiation. This reduces greenhouse effects.

Collect plastic from the sea & beaches Preventing the death of sea life. Trash makes many species get stuck, swallow microplastics, and causing many chemical effects killing important organisms for the ecosystem.

Adopting corals: ┬╝ of marine life depends on coral reefs to get food and shelter. By rebuilding them we are contributing to saving sea life.



We create accurate reports with the impact that your brand is creating through all sales in our marketplace, so brands can communicate accordingly to their customers or groups of interest. At the same time, they offset their footprint to add even more value to their company and brands


We help Non-Governmental Organizations developing their projects by providing funds, covered by a social and sustainably committed company, helped by the work of the most innovative brands in the surf market.


Our support to NGOs is also improving the lives of disadvantaged communities engaged and involved with these beneficial actions for the planet. At the same time, and most importantly, they can be making a living out of this labor.


We inspire society and spread sustainability awareness by extending products that are fair-trade and produced with recycled and organic materials and the correspondent impact.


We have different methodologies and business thinking ideas and we learn from it every day with every step we do.


Tree-Nation: Reforesting the world since 2007, this NGO has planted 9 Million trees through more than 90 projects in 33 different countries. Create your own forest and start planting extra trees now!

Ocean Gardeners: Based in Indonesia, home of one of the biggest coral reefs in our oceans they fight climate change by nursing and restoring them with the help of divers and local communities. Make sure you adopt your corals here.

Ecomar: Founded in 1999 and not only cleaning the ocean and beaches but also educating and encouraging society to have a healthy relationship with the environment. Volunteer or collaborate with this amazing NGO here.

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