About us

Founded in 2020, MarketSurf is a project led and founded by the brothers Max, Jaume i Alex Freixa. We are a family with an entrepreneurial spirit, lovers of sport, nature and very committed to the environment and climate change fight. We believe in a social business model including a benefit for the global community beyond the usual business.

Our career in the digital industry, combining experience in product development, web services, marketing and sales, come together with an ambition to undertake sustainable business, committing to all areas where a company has an impact. We want all parties involved in our project to share the same altruistic goal.

Who we are

Jaume is passionate about the world of nature sports and surfing. It all started thanks to an invitation from his group of friends and fans on a trip to Hossegor in 2007 to watch a world championship event, with legends such as Andy Irons and Kelly Slater in the water. This passion and his professional career, developed in the digital sector, and commitment to the environment have aligned to project MarketSurf with his brothers Alex and Max, a very exciting family project.

Max and Alex are 2 young entrepreneurs since they were 14 years old when they created their first clothing brand Aerial Clothes. In 2018 they began their professional career as web developers for SMBs in Exon Media, a web and online marketing agency, which would eventually evolve to its current Responsive Web Solutions (www.responsive.cat) WordPress and other leading CMS in the market. Thanks to this experience developing web and eCommerce projects and participating in the product, marketing and commercialization decisions, which has pushed them to develop their own webshop.

MarketSurf Partners

MarketSurf’s project also has an essential partner in this journey: Atomic4. They are experts in technology development, marketing and new business consulting as an online marketing agency and their recently founded Startup accelerator led by Sergi Sans, serial entrepreneur since 2010, who had been CEO and Co-Founder of Itnig, one of the most important funds in the Startup sector in Barcelona, among other great projects in which he has participated as C-Level or investor.

We are very excited to take this path together!

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